Anixety Antics and Worry Warts

Sodding anxiety!!! always turns up when you least expect it and really don’t want it! I don’t like to say I’m a sufferer of anxiety because I believe we all have anxiety during stressful and demanding times of our lives and why wouldn’t we? Its perfectly normal to stress and worry. Except for me the […]

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Mum with a fat tum

That’s right as I’m approaching week 35 ( 5 weeks to go! ) I am a very proud mum with a fat tum! This last few weeks I have done a lot of growing and according to my pregnancy app baby is almost at his last stage of growing and will soon be the size […]

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Baking with Bump

So for those of you who don’t know I work as a chef and baker, I like to think of myself more as a baker because that’s what I do best. Ive been baking for years and absolutely love it! I Spent 3 years at catering college where I really came out of my shell and learnt how to […]

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Its pretty obvious that our bodies are going to change throughout pregnancy you’d have to be an idiot to think everything will stay the same. So I thought id put together a little something for pregnant ladies or future pregnant ladies to read and to get prepared for. Welcome ladies to the biggest change of […]


Am i really pregnant?

What a stupid question… Am I really pregnant? A belly the size of the moon and waddling round like a retarded duck kind of gives it away really!  But every now and again I actually forget that I am pregnant. I realise how dumb this sounds but bare with me I have good reasoning! Rewind back to September […]

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Mrs Panicky poo

So this Friday just gone I officially entered my 8th month of pregnancy! its been a long old road since I first decided I wanted to be a mummy. I used to panic all the time that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and that I would never be a mother and just grow […]

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The running mum

So as well as my new adventure into motherhood my job as a chef and just generally being me I have another love in my life…. RUNNING! Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now and sniggering thinking she doesn’t have the body for a runner how the hell can she possibly run? […]

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Preparing to push

So I’m coming up to 32 weeks in a few days which means only 8 weeks until littleun is due to arrive. I’ve always been shit scared of the thought of giving birth but when I actually got pregnant to be honest it was the last thing on my mind, like all mothers I just […]

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Milk and two sugars

It would seem rather rude of me to make a blog and not do a post about the other love of my life wouldn’t it? Right now  I’m wondering how I’m going to fill a few paragraphs of writing about my main addiction I suppose you could call it. That’s right I’m talking about the […]

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